Thursday, March 14, 2013

Got Hope? Alexa Builds A Body Good

Sexy Hope Alexa is a fitness model who has positioned herself as a celebrity trainer. This Canadian bombshell has been taking the world by storm with her exotic curvy physique.

Peep Hope's latest video commercial for Gamma Labs below.

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

How Hope Alexa is Building Her Brand as the Next Best Fitness Expert?

Hope Alexa has been sitting under the radar for the past couple of years. This bombshell is rumored to be Dwight Howard’s baby mama after putting an end to his relationship with Royce Reed. But for those who still want to know about her, read on and find out some interesting things about Alexa and how she’s building her brand as the next best fitness expert.

People expect a lot from you especially if you’re being linked to a basketball superstar like Lakers’ Dwight Howard and Alexa knows this. She is a mother of a baby girl but instead of waiting for months before getting back in shape, she immediately gets started on her fitness regimen.

How it started 

According to Alexa, she started losing the pounds she gained during pregnancy only after a few weeks of giving birth. She decided she needs to be fit, strong, and healthy if she wants to continue competing in bikini competitions. She didn’t wait long and get started on her fitness and diet routine after her doctor gave her the go signal.

Her fitness secret 

While others are getting into fad diets or undergoing surgery to get rid of pregnancy pounds, Alexa did what was right for her body. She exercises regularly, specifically six days a week; and sticks to a strict diet. According to her she starts the day with a 45-minute cardio workout and her exercises change every two weeks to ensure her body stays fit and her endurance remains strong.

Her not so secret diet 

There’s really nothing special when it comes to her diet. She describes her diet as “eating clean”. This means she sticks to nutritious foods like fish, chicken, and veggies. She also treats herself a cheat meal every Sunday. So if you think starving yourself is the secret behind her knockout body, then you’re mistaken. Alexa takes pride in eating the right stuffs and at the same time satisfying her craving for some fatty or carbohydrates loaded foods from time to time.

Is she the next best fitness expert? 

With her sexy body, healthy lifestyle, and amazing personality, Hope Alexa can join the rank of fitness experts in the world. She has graced the covers of fitness magazines too. Meanwhile, her journey towards better health and fitness inspired her to open her own fitness studio dedicated to people who also want to be fit, strong, and healthy. Her future plans include designing and selling her own line of fitness attires and gears. Hope Alexa is not only an expert when it comes to fitness. She will also make a great actress especially now that she’s being rumored as one of the latest additions to VH1 Basketball Wives Miami.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Looking Finer Every Day Hope Alexa's Hottest Looks

Fitness model Hope Alexa has come a long way over the past couple of years. Aside from the fame she's received from being linked to basketball star Dwight Howard, she's gone on to establish niche in celebrity fitness.

She seems to get hotter with every picture that's taken of her. Peep some of her sexiest looks below. She really represents her brand extremely well.

 Courtesy Hope Alexa

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why Dwight Howard Hasn't Place Gag Order on Hope Alexa? Possible Reasons?

News of Dwight Howard placing a gag order on Royce Reed spread like wildfire especially in entertainment magazines and websites. Reed is one of her so-called baby mamas and unfortunately, they’re still battling it out in court especially over the custody of their child. But what others are wondering about is why he didn’t place a gag order on Hope Alexa.

It was in 2010 when Howard and Alexa became an official couple but their relationship ended sooner than expected leaving Alexa a baby daughter. She didn’t have any regrets as far as her relationship with Howard is concerned because she is happy to be a single mother to her one and only two-year-old daughter. Though she never admitted it yet that Howard is indeed the daddy, one can conclude he sure is because the child resembles him. Also, Alexa wasn’t involved with other men when they were still seeing each other back then.

Howard and Reed is another story. This baby mama is not just fighting for custody over their child but is also asking for $100,000 from Howard to cover her legal fees. Howard filed a gag order against her after she said some very nasty things about him that destroyed his reputation and image as a basketball star. She accused him of being mentally unstable, immoral, and having substances around his place that their child can see and even touch. She also mentioned that he is unfit to have custody of their son. No wonder, Howard appealed to have her lips sealed for a while.

So why didn’t he place a gag order on Alexa? The answer is simple. She never said anything negative about Howard that can destroy his career. As it is, she is very contented and happy being a single parent. She never confirmed that Howard is her baby’s father nor did he claim he is.

Alexa is one of those who also don’t like the spotlight on her. She’s happy working out and training for bikini competitions. She also has her hands full as a fulltime mother. These prove that she can live with or without Howard and doesn’t care what he does with his life. She never made her relationship with the star a stepping stone towards being popular.

Many women admire her for that. She is not like other women who were linked to Howard who made it known to the whole world through social media sites that they were his girl. They never had a custody battle or tongue-lashing arguments. Looking at her now, she is a picture of a happy, contented, and successful woman.

Perhaps Howard also didn’t place a gag order on Hope Alexa because he knows and understands what that can do to destroy her career too. It is rumored that she will be in Basketball Wives next season and a gag order can only prevent her from performing her role.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Hope Alexa Workout Motto

Hope Alexa is a fitness model who has positioned herself as a celebrity trainer.  But back in 2011, while pregnant with her child, she put on the pounds and had "no athletic background whatsoever."

Disappointed with how she looked and felt, Hope decided to go from fat and mom to super-mom with strong sexy physique.  To do so, she started with the mind, and developed a motto to keep the motivation.  

"Being weak is a choice so is being strong"